Monday, February 7, 2011


I am so excited...

I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award.
Me!  I am flabbergasted, awed, just totally tickled!

Theresa over at All Is Well At Home  
bestowed this honor on me....
Thanks Theresa...You made my day, week, MONTH!

& 7 Things about ME..

#1 -I am a TEACHER.  I have taught for 21 years, 19 years in Kindergarten and the last 2 in a public school Pre-K.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  I LOVE going to "work" everyday!

#2 -I am married to a highschool baseball coach! (He is a pretty neat guy!)  Although it is a definite lifestyle, more than a job, I love most aspects.  It has many downsides...won't go there right now.  I love the boys.  They keep us young and  it is a blessing to watch them grow into wonderful young men!

#3 - I want to learn to PHOTOGRAPH, not just take pictures.

#4 -My parents are amazing.  Today is their anniversary.  (My dad was a high school football coach for 33 years... Can you believe a married a coach? ... Glutton for punishment!

#5 - I have 3 amazing daughters....There were definitely times (when they were teenagers) when I wondered what I got myself into....BUT they are adults now....What a blessing they are!  Those of you who have adult daughters know there is nothing like this relationship!
#6 - I have never flown in an airplane. I know, huh!  That will let you in on the fact that I have never been outside the continental US!  I know, huh!
#7 - Most Importantly,  I AM A CHILD OF GOD! 
Now on to the part where I share the love...awarding the Stylish Blogger Award to eight deserving bloggers.
1. Julie  at Life at Firelake Camp She has amazing style!  I love her closet door project---my favorite color!

2 - Being Brook Check out Brook's super, wonderful, ruffley duvet
3 - Lillidale - You have to check out Merrilee's pendant light!  She made it!  Oh my!
4 - A Sort of Fairytale Girl Love this blog... Super cute!
5 - Check out Erin' knick knack upcycle at 
6 - Momma Hen's Coop  She made some fantastic burlap pillows that I just have to have!
7 - You have to see Andrea's bathroom at Opulent Cottage
8 -  Brookie's blog has some great the book slings! ShortiesFunnyFarm
I hope you all are as excited as I am!
Please follow these rules to accept this award...

1)  Thank and link back to the blogger who
awarded you with the award.
2)  Share 7 Things about yourself.
3)  Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers.
4)  Contact the bloggers and inform them of  the award.

Friday, February 4, 2011

How We Do Snow

We have been struggling with our small galley kitchen....I don't mind that it is small.  I don't mind that it is galley.  We have an adjoining dining area that allows family time when I am cooking...I will show that at another time.  What I do mind is our surfaces, and our budget.

We have been trapped in our house for days!  (Normally,  I enjoy being home.  I am a legit homebody.  What is it about being trapped that makes you want to break out?)

We decided to eat up some time with a project.  This is what we have been working on.  Now I have half the kitchen I want (almost)...I guess the other half will come with the next snow storm!

When I can get out of the house,  I need to go to Hobby Lobby for knobs.  I know just the ones I want!

Also need face plates,  If only I had snow shoes.

Ignore the mess!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

No school today!  or tomorrow!  Inside, it is warm and toasty...The house smells of oven warmed treats (Thanks Sidni!)  Outside, there is 12 1/2 inches of snow on top of 1 inch of sleet, 12 degrees/-7 wind chill... The air smells of ice and fireplaces....   I prefer indoors, thank you very much!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Flu, a Couple of Little Projects and a Question

I had this little cabinet that was really rather ugly....However, it was the perfect size to fit in a tiny alcove in my tiny entry.

I painted it red, roughed it up a little, and added a little gold glaze.  I think I will add a little curtain so I can hide away the shoes that are frequently kicked off here!

I have a slight attraction to finials...

I also added a shelf over these windows....I can't wait to really accessorize!  These windows have always been difficult to deal with...I think I will like this solution (for a while....) for my question....My family room has extremely poor lighting. Okay, so that wasn't the question. It is coming after my explanation.  (Promise!)  The only light fixtures in the room are the fireplace accent lights.  Does anyone have an idea of fixtures I can put here to illuminate the room better?  (This is a first floor room....No attic access to move fixtures...)  Someday I hope to install beadboard ceilings so I can move fixture then....but until someday comes ?????
Oh...and the flu?  I had it.......NOT fun!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shop Till I Drop

I have a confession....I am not much of a shopper.  I am more of a "digger".   I know, I know...My mom and daughters hate going with me to the mall...I have a list, I get "it", and go!  Well, I get it if it is on sale.  I do have exceptions to this phobia.  I love garage sales, flea markets, craft shows, and Hobby Lobby, with the occasional auction thrown in.
I made a recent trip with my daughter to Hobby Lobby....and of course spent hours there.  (I did have to agree to stop at Ulta on the way home.)    I got several 1/2 price goodies....You just can't beat those deals.  One of my purchases/bargains will lead to a project for Todd...He is so excited...Okay, maybe not.  However, he will be preparing some old posts for me to be transformed into this....
When I told him what a bargain it was....he was totally confused as to why I would make them instead of buy them.....He just doesn't get it!
Have a blessed week!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Come in and Sit Awhile

Oh before pic, where have you gone?   I swear it was on my camera, but somehow it disappeared...I guess it was so embarassed that it has gone into hiding.  When I found this poor guy, It was painted an orangey brown and sported a cream vinyl seat cover.

I painted him black...He sighed his appreciation...I then took a piece of leftover dropcloth and my staple gun and covered the seat.  I got out a little black craft paint and painted a big, beautiful B on the seat.  He screamed his thanks for "being Made"!   WaaaLaaah....a fun little chair!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Like My Name Much???

We also have a wall of B's......Too much???
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