Sunday, January 16, 2011

Come in and Sit Awhile

Oh before pic, where have you gone?   I swear it was on my camera, but somehow it disappeared...I guess it was so embarassed that it has gone into hiding.  When I found this poor guy, It was painted an orangey brown and sported a cream vinyl seat cover.

I painted him black...He sighed his appreciation...I then took a piece of leftover dropcloth and my staple gun and covered the seat.  I got out a little black craft paint and painted a big, beautiful B on the seat.  He screamed his thanks for "being Made"!   WaaaLaaah....a fun little chair!

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cute chair....thanks for the comment and im your new follower

Meg said...

Oh, so adorable! I love the "B" Great addition! I would love to sit in that chair. :)

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