Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jayme's Place

My daughter recently purchased her first home...A real fixer upper!  We are having a blast, albeit exhausting time fixing this little place up.  It is an ongoing project but I am sharing some of our progress.

This is the before of her sweet little kitchen.
Have you ever seen a stove quite like this one!  Unfortunately, the oven did not work, and there were several issues in this little we went to work...We did this on a budget of less than $350.  A sweet friend gave her a new stove...What a friend!

Well here is where we are today.

 We painted the cabinets black, sanded them and left a little of the previous green showing don't do them justice...So cute.  Red ceramic knobs...thrifted,  scrap beadboard for backsplash,  $75 worth of black granite tile placed on countertops, trimmed the countertops with scrap wood.  We decided to use vinyl tile on floors at this time...a whopping $90 worth...and it is super cute!

 Love these curtains!  I got the background fabric on a 50% clearance sale at Hancocks.  The bands were scrap fabrics.  My talented mother put this puppies together...  Too cute!

Tomorrow, I will show you the bathroom...Huge difference...once again on a tiny budget!
This is Jayme and the best dog in the world, Gizmo, after a hard day's work.

1 comment:

Ann said...

I just love the high-contrast interplay of the black and white, then the colorful and cheerful red. Curtains are adorable! Great job!

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