Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family at Christmas

I have been so blessed with a great family.  We love being together! -- But not all on this couch at one time!
Me, Lynette (my sister), my mom (I know she looks younger than the rest of us), Whitney and Lily (my niece and great-niece),  my daughters: Sidni, Jessica, and Jayme.....I LOVE THESE LADIES!

Christmas bingo is one of our special family traditions....After we have totally stuffed ourselves and opened the real gifts, we start the real fun.  We wrap up silly trinkets throughout the year (along with the a few "big" money prizes)  and put them in the bingo basket.  The winner of each round gets to open one of the treasures... So many laughs. We followed this up with an inappropriate game of Boxers or Briefs... also many laughs.
Multi-card play requires great concentration!

But totally worth it for a green, rubber wig!

Todd was so excited about his prize that he fell asleep.

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